This is the Global Champions League

The Global Champions League website was created to showcase the innovative and revolutionary new team competition which has opened up a new era in show jumping.

The question

Reflecting the best elements from other leading mainstream sports, such as Premier League football and Formula One, the concept behind the GCL website was to promote the new team format in a clear, accessible and engaging way with interesting content for fans and all stakeholders. Special emphasis was placed on accessibility, engagement and ease of use for fans, as well as improving and reformatting the live streaming and live ranking scores as competitions took place around the globe.

The solution

Adaptability, flexibility and a premium design were core features of the website build, with instant wow factor, and clear, simple navigation. As both a hub of information, as well as encouragement for social media interaction, the website is designed fully responsive to both showcase the top level of the sport to knowledgeable equestrian fans, as well as draw in new audiences.


Via GCL TV, each competition of the Global Champions League can be followed live. The quality of the live stream is automatically adapted to the Internet quality of the visitor: optimal viewing pleasure guaranteed!

The world's teams - uniting riders like never before

For the first time in the history of show jumping, top riders from different countries will unite to compete on the same team ensuring electrifying competitions over a Championship season.

Media Platform

Through connections with broadcasters, photographers, and real-time profit providers, the website of the Global Champions league is a true media platform.

Information about the team

Special team content pages showcase team’s riders. Here you can follow team results and look back all events via media gallery showcasing stunning photos and videos.

The result

We/Provide were able to work with Global Champions League to design, create and implement the full website ahead of the 2016 GCL season launch in Miami Beach, with the website widely praised for its premium look and ease of use, consistent with the pre-existing LGCT website and brand, but in a League of its own in terms of style and accessibility.

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Now and in the future!