Magento Live UK 2015

Geschreven door We Provide

As we mentioned, We Provide is at this moment taking part in Magento Live UK 2015. Our expectations were high for this live event organized by Magento itself, and which featured a number of impressive speakers. We couldn’t wait to see if they could live up to their promises!

Marketing and technical sessions

Magento set aside the entire first day for two sorts of workshops, branching out into either marketing or technical based sessions. By splitting up we were able to catch everything. The day started with the workshop “Customer Driven Innovation”, an extremely interesting presentation given by TED-talk presenter Doug Dietz. Check it out here!

Workshop usability testing

In this workshop we were further immersed into the world of usability and usability testing. In small groups of three we worked on a “livewebsitecase” and had the use of a complete test panel for feedback. We were able to learn a lot from this super exercise.

Coversion gain

The afternoon sessions were based primarily on conversion and conversion gain. E-mail marketing is still the most important element in increasing your conversion ratio. The tips? If it is applicable, make your communication personal, use animation and get engaged with your customer. Tune the information presented to match the needs of your customer and provide that information structurally. There were many good tips included in these sessions which we will bring back to the Netherlands to the benefit our clients!

Magento en Security

The evening sessions were focused on Magento and security. A panel of three experts drew attention to and created awareness of potential problems we may face. In the last year we have seen diverse patches released for Magento. Ghost and Shoplift in January 2015, and four new patches in May 2015, including Logjam and Fooman. There was also attention paid to how we as a digital agency can adjust our work processes to create a stable and more importantly, safe environment on which to build and service our clients.

We look back on a very enjoyable and informative first day.

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