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It’s here! Magento 2 is available today. Until now we’ve been using and testing the beta version, and have already started work on our first Magento 2 websites. But today is the day!

Thanks to Magento, brands, retailers and companies in the B2B and B2C markets can provide their target audiences with an online shopping experience both quickly and cost-effectively. What does Magento 2 bring to the table? Better performance, conversion-boosting functionality, and productivity improvements. The new platform is once again developed open-source and offers unprecedented flexibility for expansion and adding additional features. Magento has introduced two new versions today: Magento Community Edition 2.0 and Magento Enterprise Edition 2.0.

Flexible Architecture, Modular code base

Underpinning these new releases is a next-generation architecture that offers unmatched flexibility. Its modular code base enables easier customization and faster time-to-market, and greater deployment flexibility to public or private cloud environments. The improved APIs make it possible to connect and operate with any third party solution.

Transparency: The Magento Roadmap

At the same time, Magento has introduced a roadmap for the new platform. This keeps partners, developers, and store owners informed about planned additions and when to expect them. Magento will publish a roadmap every quarter, starting in 2016. Until now, the roadmap hasn’t been released to the public, so this new transparency regarding the development and innovations of the Magento platform is an important step in the right direction. Some new features in the pipeline for 2016:

  • Elastic search support
  • Improved analysis-tools
  • Content staging
  • Personalisation
  • B2B-specific improvements

Easier Maintenance and Upgrades

The modern and modular architecture of the new platform reduces the complexity and cost of maintenance and simplifies the upgrade process. This means you can easily incorporate innovative functionality as it’s released on a quarterly basis to drive higher sales and greater efficiency.

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