Geevers Auto Parts.

Critical choices for a perfect product

For our new partner Geevers Auto Parts, we’ve developed a strong, strategic plan for a new online environment.

Comments The question

Geevers Auto Parts’ current online environment is decidedly out-of-date. Their need for a new, representative web presence grows with each passing day. Geevers Auto Parts asked us to deliver a Magento-webshop to bring them up-to-date.

Light bulp The solution

Our first question was, “Is Magento really the right solution for Geevers Auto Parts? Does it meet the wants and requirements of this organisation?” To arrive at the answer, our research was twofold: we organised a strategic workshop-session, focusing for the most part on design, for which we developed functional User Stories. At the same time, we began research into the technical architecture of the currently available tools, in order to adapt them to the new environment in the most efficient way possible.

Macbook Pro The result

A functional, strategic plan from day one, and a technical analysis that takes into account the current database and techniques and how best to adapt them to the new situation.

Strategic workshop

Strategic workshop to lay the groundwork.

User Stories

User Stories developed from communal input.

Form follow function

Defining the functionality, determining the design.