Teamwork is the foundation for success

We believe strongly in the pooling of knowledge. Our clients are the best source of information when looking into target audiences and conversion goals. With the addition of our knowledge of strategy, design and development, the right choices can be made to optimize your project. Furthermore, we research our client and the market in which they operate so that we can function as a competent and informed partner.

The numbers tell the tale

The numbers tell the tale: a well-founded strategy is the foundation on which we like to build. Information from Google Analytics and other online marketing tools help us to see how a visitor behaves on a site. Which part of your website is visited the most? What gets missed? How long do people stay on the site? How is the target audience built? Where are the visitors coming from?

"Knowledge is only multiplied by sharing”

The scrum method

Teamwork is just as important internally as it is externally. The implementation of structure is necessary for a growing group of around 25 people. For each project we take on, a team is assigned to tackle each relevant discipline: strategy, design, development, online marketing, copywriting, photography and video, hosting etc. By using the scrum method our teams work on a tight schedule but in a highly organized manner. With many large projects, and with the way the world is constantly changing, this method is almost necessary. This, in combination with a huge dose of passion is the key to our optimal teamwork.

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