Marketing is all about influence: influencing a consumer to choose your product, brand or service. Consumers are swayed by price or availability of a product, but the invisible factors, the ones that occur unconsciously when making a decision are just as important. All strategic activities that companies use to influence the selection process fall under the term ‘marketing’, and when this happens via the Internet it’s called online marketing.

Interaction with your environment

The world of online marketing is our world. This is where we feel at home. And we are no strangers to social media. We know the jargon, and how your target group goes through their decision process. We believe in interaction: interaction with your environment, but most importantly, interaction with your target audience.  Social media is the ideal tool to come into contact with your customer and to get in touch with what really interests them. This of course requires a tailor-made plan, as not every business fits with every type of social media.

Is it a good idea to create a LinkedIn group? Should your company have a Facebook page, and what should go on it? Does Twitter make sense? Where can I best post my business profile and make my company video visible? These are questions that we know the answers to, and we are more than ready to share our knowledge with you. We have developed a custom step-by-step strategy that will help you determine which actions at which moments are necessary to reach your audience.

"A good business is built with smart data."

Easier to find online

When social media is used well, you greatly increase your online discoverability. Search engine optimization (SEO) also plays an important role in this. We/Provide can increase your chances of taking a stronger position in the online world and beyond. If we see an opportunity, we are the first ones to grasp it with you. In addition, we are well read in search machine advertising (Google Adwords), e-mail marketing and web statistics (Google Analytics).

Google certified

We/Provide is a “Google AdWords Certified Partner”. This means that we as a company have met the strict requirements set out by Google. These include managing a budget within certain limitations, and having a Google AdWords qualified individual on staff who had to prove their product knowledge by taking the rigorous certification exams that Google themselves regulate. With a certified partner you are assured the expert advice of a Google professional. Not only that, we have the knowledge and experience of managing Google AdWords campaigns. With this expertise we can set up an advertising campaign exactly how the client wants, and to ensure that the campaign produces the results that the client expects. Whether using text ads in Google or its sister search engines, video ads on Youtube, or a banner on a content related website, We/Provide has a marketing team with the experience and expertise that deliver results.

google_adwords_certified_partner_logo   google_adwords_qualified_individual
When you choose a Google AdWords Certified Partner, you can be sure that there is more than enough expertise in house to construct and optimize a successful campaign that will make the greatest return on your investment.

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