Magento e-commerce platform voor groei


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Do you have the ambitious plans to start a web shop? Or do you already have a successful online business, but want to make the transition to digital maturity? Magento could be your saving grace. Magento is in fact the perfect e-commerce platform to realize your webshop dreams. And did we mention that we have a number of certified Magento developers in house that are ready to get busy for you? Are you in?!

Choices, choices, choices

1. What is your budget?
The most important step as you begin your project is determining the budget. In order to start a successful web shop a serious investment is needed. Therefore it is very important to take into consideration the costs needed for technique, design, online marketing, content management and further development.

2. Choosing the variation
Magento is available in two different variations: the Community and the Enterprise editions. The Community edition is usually adequate for a start-up web shop and offers many possibilities for a successful web business. Do you already have a large web shop? Then is the Enterprise edition probably the best choice. This edition offers many extra functions, higher performance, safety, and the full support of Magento itself. We are more than happy to explain everything about your options before we begin with development.

3. What links need to be made?
Think about methods of payment (Payment Service Providers, such as PayPal), shipping service, logistical planning and bookkeeping. You have the option of automating these services, or managing and configuring everything manually.

4. Make a plan
We will sit down at the table together to make a clear and attainable plan for the project. The tasks will be divided and set down on paper.

"Strong and flexible. Magento e-commerce platform for growth!"

Why Magento?

Magento is known for its open source code, which means that our designers have the ability to adjust the system to precisely meet the needs of our clients. Thanks to the many available marketing tools, the hundreds of extensions (that keep improving), and the search engine friendly settings; Magento is the solution for your future web shop!

Magento and We/Provide

Magento and We/Provide have established a long and successful relationship, which has resulted in a great deal of experience. A portion of our team is made up of certified Magento programmers that work daily on the coolest challenges and most impressive projects that utilize this professional e-commerce platform.