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Is it also possible to bring your hosting to us? Of course! We are happy to provide web(application) hosting as well as e-commerce hosting.

Web(application) hosting

We/Provide has assembled a very thorough team of partners who are specialized in the managed hosting of websites and applications written in diverse scripting languages. We support PHP, Javascript, Python and Ruby. What more, custom solutions are also possible. And it goes without saying that this all comes with a high level of customer service.

Reliable hosting in the Public Cloud

Our servers are set up in the most optimal manner and matched to your location. The result? A fast, reliable and stable hosting solution. We strive to get the optimal result. To achieve this our web developers work closely with the hosting specialists.

We offer managed hosting from some of the market leaders in the Public Cloud, most notably Amazon. The Public Cloud is extremely interesting for those looking for flexibility, scalability and international performance.

Monthly reports

Our developers (and eventually together with our partners) care for your managed hosting solution. This includes the entire daily management and the monitoring of all services. Monthly service management reports are provided and give insight into use, availability and performance.

E-commerce hosting

More and more of our time is being directed towards the hosting of web shops. E-commerce is simply continuing to grow, and in 2014 the sector increased its revenue almost 10% over 2013. Just in the Netherlands alone, around 11.5 billion euro is spent on online purchases. Yes, you heard that right: 11.5. Billion. Euro. To ensure the continuance of this growing trend, we offer e-commerce hosting solutions that focus on security, flexibility and optimum performance. That’s how we are going to help you achieve even better conversions.

Conversion Improvement

Can your conversion improve with a faster loading time? It is possible! There has been research done that shows that there is a direct connection between the amount of time a website takes to load and the total purchases made (conversion). A fast website results in a better conversion ratio and this ratio increases 1% for every second the loading time quickens.

We can decrease your loading time in order to increase your return. This can be realized through our advanced cache-, load- and optimization technique combined with the automatically scalable servers. A reduced performance due to high visitor numbers now belongs in the past.

Hosting at We/Provide

What do you want to do with the domain name? Link it, park it, or reserve room on a server for a future website?

For the use of WordPress it is het necessary to choose at least a Small Business package

All of our hosting packages contain a control panel, standard SPAM filter and webmail..


Parked page € 12,-/year
Link € 12,-/year
Business Start € 60,-/year
Business Small € 120,-/year
Business Medium € 240,-/year
Business Large € 420,-/year