The immense growth of the Internet has brought with it the possibility to buy and sell online. All of a sudden a web shop has become essential to your organization, especially if you are concerned with the maturity of your online identity.

Magento or custom?

Thinking about a new web shop? Or is your current web shop in need of a renovation? Don’t hesitate and give us a ring! Whether it is a Magento or a custom web shop, we have years of experience in web design and web shops. Magento as a platform offers many different opportunities for growth within a company. A group of our technicians are specialists certified in Magento programming and have the skills to build an optimally functioning web shop using this platform. And not just restricted to Magento web shops, we are also more than capable of building a completely custom web shop designed to exactly meet your specifications.

“The main objective is to simplify. It has to be easy enough for a child to understand.”

Business-to-Consumer & Business-to-Business

E-Commerce is applicable for both Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and Business-to-Business users. Every market needs to be tackled in a different manner, and We/Provide is fluent in both options. For example, look to the web shop of Marjon Sneiders, an accessible B2C web shop for those (primarily women) looking for a pair of beautiful shoes. The sleek web shop design lets the product speak for itself. Dhatec is an excellent example of a B2B web shop, where we have brought structure to a staggering number of products. Whether you are looking for a B2C or a B2B web shop it is always important to determine the goal of the web shop before you begin. A clear plan is always our starting point.

Optimal User Experience

When developing a web shop we are always striving for the best and most optimal user experience. This is the main focus for the entire project, from beginning to end. One of the goals when creating a web shop is to ensure that the end user can order their product in an efficient manner without running into any problems. Not forgetting that the appearance and total impression of the web shop is also extremely important. Many different factors play a role when trying to realize the optimal user experience. This is because every web shop is tailored to the needs of the specific customer, the conversion goals and ultimately aimed at a specific audience. It is a big job to create a rock-solid web shop that provides the ultimate user experience, and such a project brings with it a lot of challenges… but we absolutely love it!