A very effective way to become visible in this new market is by creating a mobile application, or an app. As of 2015 the average smart phone user checks their phone 150 times a day. 150 times! An app, in addition to a mobile website is almost indispensable when you want to be constantly in touch with your target audience.

The added value

With the rise in popularity of tablets and smartphones, your customer is practically 24/7 online and it is therefore a great way to come into contact with your audience. You can decide whether a mobile website or an app is more suitable to your needs, or go for both! A mobile website and an app both have their own unique benefits:

  • Accessibility
  • Your audience can access information from any location whether it be online or offline
  • Speed
  • Apps are optimized for loading speed

“Genius is the ability to simplify the complicated.”

  • Functionalities
  • Use of your smartphone or tablet functions such as the camera, video and the scanning of QR codes.
  • User experience
  • Because an app is not reliant on web technique, the user experience of an app is often better than on a mobile website. A better user experience translates directly into a positive effect on the brand experience itself. This is made even better by offering a choice in user interface.

Apps and We/Provide

What can We/Provide contribute? We can develop these mobile applications for smartphones and tablets. When creating a mobile application for your business we first start with a mobile strategy and deliver a unique concept and design that will bring added value and experience to your potential user. The above qualities make the smartphone an interesting platform for your organization to consider when forming a marketing strategy.